Advantages and disadvantages of blow molding trays


Advantages and disadvantages of blow molding trays

The advantages of hollow blow molding trays are as follows:

1 Less investment. The hollow blow molding tray is produced by a large extrusion blow molding machine, and the utility model has multiple uses, which reduces the investment cost, and has low mold cost and low investment.

2 beautiful appearance. According to the characteristics of the weight bearing of the product, the circular column and the grooves in different directions are designed on the mold from the mechanics principle, so that the surface of the product has anti-slip particles. Due to the rapid cooling using chilled water, the surface of the product is flat. Higher dimensional accuracy.

3 excellent performance. The product is extruded and inflated once, the forming process is fast, the material is rapidly inflated and cooled in a high-melting state, and the internal stress can be eliminated, so that the inherent quality and performance of the product are stable and meet the requirements of national standards.

4 security is good. It does not support combustion, is non-conductive, non-slip, has no burr flash, and has no other auxiliary connections to ensure the safety of goods and operators.

5 long life. The product can improve the outdoor service life by adding anti-aging agent. It can be used for more than 5 years under normal conditions; it can be used for 2 years under harsh environment. The service life is 5~7 times of the wooden pallet and 2~3 times of the steel pallet. Good environmental performance. The product is non-toxic and tasteless, resistant to acid and alkali salt corrosion, easy to clean and disinfect, does not rot, and the waste tray can be recycled and meets environmental protection requirements.

7 transportation costs are low. The quality of the pallet is light, which can greatly reduce the cost of container cargo transportation. When conducting foreign trade, the human body does not need to be fumigation and disinfection by the health and quarantine department like a wooden pallet.

8 low maintenance costs: plastic pallets do not need to be repaired and maintained, even if the appearance is damaged, as long as the internal columns are well bonded, it will not affect normal use. Adaptable. The hollow blow molding tray can be operated in both directions in four directions, and has two-sided and single-sided forms, which can be used in various industries to improve work efficiency and space utilization.

10 carrying capacity is strong. Because the pallet is reasonably designed according to the force, the bearing capacity is strong, and the evenly distributed bearing capacity is: static load 30~40kN, dynamic load 20-30kN, overhead load is IOkN.

(2) The disadvantages of the hollow blow molding tray are as follows.

1 post processing is complicated. The post-processing process of the hollow blow molding tray is complicated, and the flash edge of each product (about 30% of the total weight of the workpiece) needs to be trimmed, and the large amount of flashed edges to be trimmed is divided and broken, and each product is After cooling for 24 hours, the fork is also cut by electricity, and the resulting scrap is also pulverized.

2 production efficiency is low. Although the production of hollow blown trays is cooled by chilled water to improve the quality and productivity of the products, the products have a large amount of flash, which consumes a large amount of raw materials. This requires the equipment to have a high plasticizing capacity to shorten the molding. cycle. The hollow blow molding tray has a long molding cycle, generally 5 to 6 minutes per cycle; and the injection molding tray has a cycle time of about 3 minutes, which is relatively low in productivity.

3 product stiffness is low.