100ml small bottle Injection Blow Molding Machine to South Africa


6 cavities injection blow molding machine for making 100ml bottles.

8 cavities injection blow molding machine for making 100ml bottles.

Injection blow molding machine

The one-step injection stretch-blow process has been gradually developed and improved by people, and is widely used in medicine, chemical industry, plastic packaging and other industries. The main machine of this equipment is the injection stretch-blow plastic hollow molding machine and the injection stretch-blow mold. Device, lifting indexing device, stretch blow molding device, demolding device, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electric control system, microcomputer automatic control system, rack, safety cover, injection preform mold, stretch blow molding mold It integrates some advanced technology and equipment such as special control computer for injection stretch blowing, frequency conversion controller, electro-hydraulic proportional control system, hot runner mold, etc.

The auxiliary equipment of the injection blower mainly includes plastic dehumidifier dryer, air compressor, air dehumidifier, mold cooler, etc. It is an integrated high-end technical equipment of "mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and microcomputer". ID temperature control technology, microcomputer automatic control technology, frequency conversion technology, hot runner mold technology and other advanced technologies, compared with the commonly used domestic extrusion blow machine, injection blow machine and other equipment, in terms of automation, yield, energy saving It has obvious technical advantages in many aspects, such as energy consumption and waste reduction. It is suitable for the production of high-end plastic bottles with bottleneck, good transparency, non-toxicity, high precision and good preservation effect. It is widely used in processing high-end packaging such as PET, PEN, PP, PC in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, health care products, food and chemical industries. bottle.

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